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Kargo Master 42" EZ Adjustable Van Shelf

Kargo Master 42" EZ Adjustable Van Shelf

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Mercedes Metris (Bottom Shelf Will be raised to accommodate high wheel well)
Nissan NV Full Size Std. Roof

42" EZ Adjustable Van Shelving System: Dimension 42"W x 46"H x14"D

The Kargo Master Shelving System is one of the most durable shelving systems on the market. It is built using a unique lance support technique that provides additional support to each shelf layer. Each shelf is constructed using heavy-duty steel. Even after the van shelving is installed to your vehicle, each shelf layer is still adjustable and can be customized for your business needs. Our shelves' contoured frames enable the units to fit flush against van walls to maximize storage space. Steel backings on the shelves prevent small pieces from falling into hard-to-reach spaces, and the reversible front lip keeps items from falling out while driving. This unit comes with all the necessary hardware to assemble and install and can easily be installed within just 10 minutes.  These units are also available in 32" and 52" lengths, and numerous accessories are available to take advantage of your storage space.

Heavy Duty Lance support: Shelves rest firmly on lance support to hold any heavy items. The middle Shelf has 3 levels of lance supports so the user may adjust the shelf height even after it has been installed. Simply push the shelf up to disengage and sit it down on the desired level to lock it back into place.
Self-Aligning Lid Latch Pins Adjustable Shelf Lips: The EZ Adjustable shelves come pre-assembled with shelf lips, which can be installed facing up to hold tools in place or facing down to make room for a drawer cabinet or other accessories.  All shelf layers come with a built-in shelf lip.
3-Layer Rigid Structural Lids Contoured-top design: The contoured frame enables the Shelving System to fit flush against van walls to maximize storage space.
High Strength Body Covered Steel Back Panels: These panels provide additional rigidity and support to the EZ Adjustable Shelves and also prevent items from falling into hard-to-reach spaces.
Heavy-Duty Guards Shelving Accessories: Drawer cabinets, door kits, dividers, and more help save time and space. Accessories are available to customize your shelving system to cater to your business needs.


For assembly instruction, please Click Here.

For instructions to mount the unit to your vehicle, please Click Here.

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