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Kargo Master Van EZ Adjustable 42inch Shelving Security Kit

Kargo Master Van EZ Adjustable 42inch Shelving Security Kit

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Nissan NV Standard Roof
Shelving Unit
42" EZ Adjustable Shelving Unit
Door Security
42" Door Kit
Drawer Storage
2x Steel 3 Drawer Cabinets



42" EZ Adjustable Van Shelving Security System

Dimension 42"W x 46"H x14"D

Key Features:

Heavy Duty Lance support allow shelves rest firmly on lance support to hold any heavy items. Middle Shelf have 3 pairs of Lance system providing adjustability for user to adjust the shelf height even after it has been installed. Simply push the shelf up to disengage and sit it down to the desire position to lock on.
Self-Aligning Lid Latch Pins Adjustable Shelve Lips are provided on the new improved Kargo Master Shelving System. The EZ Adjustable shelves comes with shelf lips preassembled to minimize user installation and also provides great configurative flexibility as it can be simply installed "upside down" if you don't want the shelf lips!!
3-Layer Rigid Structural Lids Contoured-top design shelves with contoured frame enables the Shelving System to fit and flush against van walls and maximizes storage space.
High Strength Body Covered Steel Back Panels gives additional rigidity and support to the EZ Adjustable Shelves and prevents items from falling out.
Heavy-Duty Guards Shelving Accessories provides time and space-saving feature, which is available in our website. Suite up your Shelving System to provide organize and efficient service to your business!
  • Includes 2x Heavy-duty Steel 3 Level Drawer Cabinets.
  • Steel Drawers is supported by Heavy-duty Ball Bearing Sliding Arms for smooth drawer sliding operation.
  • Independent one-finger latch release on each drawer
  • Steel Drawers is supported by Heavy-duty Ball Bearing Sliding Arms for smooth drawer sliding operation.
  • Door Kit keeps loose items contained and gives your shelving units a finished look.
  • High-quality Door Kit with Heavy-Duty T-Handle Locking Latch.
  • Rubber Silencer on door kit to eliminate rattling and noise on bumpy roads. Fits on 2nd and 3rd level of Kargo Master shelving unit.

The Kargo Master Shelving System is one of the most durable and strongest shelving systems in the market. The Kargo Master Shelving System is built using unique lance support technique that provides additional support to each shelf layer. Each van shelves are constructed using heavy-duty steel and provides flexibility to adjust the height on each shelves. Even after the van shelving is installed to your vehicle, the shelves are still adjustable to fit your tooling. Van shelves provide contoured frame enables the unit to fit and flush against van walls to maximize storage space. Steel backings on the shelves prevent items from falling out from the back, and reversible front lip stoppers keep items from falling out while driving on a bumpy road. Even with all the features and adjustability, it is still ONLY 10min To Assemble! The Shelving System is available in 32" and 42" length. Numerous time and space-saving accessories are also available to further enhance its functionality. Kargo Master Shelving System is excellent in quality and comes with an affordable price tag.


Kargo Master Van Shelving assembly is easy and can be done at home within 10mins. For assembly instruction, please Click Here.

For How to Install to your vehicle, please Click Here

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