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Ratchet Tie-Downs For 40821

Ratchet Tie-Downs For 40821

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The Bolt-on Ratchet Straps (sold in sets of two) enable you quickly and safely secure cargo on top of rack. This is required by law in some states. This heavy duty Ratchet Strap provides an easy way to tie down your load.


Utility Van rack uprights are specially made to mount the Crossbar Utility Van Rack with a retractable strap mechanism.

Securing ladders and building materials has never been easier with these 6' straps.

  1. Release the retractable ratchet strap.
  2. Wrap around your cargo and hook into the rack upright.
  3. Flick the ratchet lever and BAM, everything is locked down.

No more fumbling with loose bungee cords or straps.

You will save enough time to pay this Rack + Ratchet Strap system off in a month.

This item only works for Utility Crossbar Van Ladder Rack KM40821

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