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Walk-In Van

Walk-In Van Storage System

Most walk-in vans including step vans have a lot of space for storage. It can get mess and unorganized very fast. At WorkVanEquipment.com, we specialize in heavy duty van storage systems to help you maximize your storage space and keep clutter off your van floor.

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The most essential storage units for a walk-in van are our EZ Adjustable Shelving Units. Each comes with 4 adjustable shelves and have the capability to add on an additional shelf if needed. These shelving units come in 26" to 52" width and 46" to 60" height.  We recommend the 60" Tall Adjustable Shelving Units for our customers with walk-in vans to maximize the storage capabilities of such a large vehicle.

Once our shelving units are in place, accessories can be added to accommodate your storage needs in your industry: steel drawer cabinets to store small tools, door kits to store valuable items securely, shelf dividers to organize larger parts, and our stackable plastic bins for small parts like nuts and bolts that can easily be removed to take with you. Depending on your industry, you may customize your van to improve your organization and productivity.

There are many other van equipment choices to add into your walk-in van: from our tall cabinet locker to the more industry-specific HVAC Refrigerant Tank Racks and Wire/Cable Reel Holder, or our long drawer storage units.