How to choose the right truck rack.

Which truck rack is right for me?

Truck racks are essential. Every construction worker, electrician, landscaper, and HVAC worker will say the same.  They are necessary to make the most out of any truck space. WVE provides full-size truck racks, economy truck racks, topper and canopy truck racks, side mount truck racks, and service body truck racks. Which one best fits your needs?

With the expertise of our WVE customer service team, you should consider 8 points.

8 Points

1.Truck VIN

Year, Make, and Model of vehicle.
By checking the VIN, you will know  the year make and model of vehicle

2. Bed Scale

Bed length of the vehicle.
We strongly suggest purchasing the track rack that fits your vehicle auto body scale for your safety and budget.

3. Cargo/Load

Loading Weight, Shape, Length. Not only should you check the max capacity of the truck cargo loading but also estimate the factors of the future delivery cargo load, and the capacity

4. Working Environment

Weather, temperature, daily or night.
Plan ahead by considering the weather, temperature, wind noise resistance feature, or notice lights mounts for all the tough working scenarios.

5. Material / Durability

Both durable materials consist of either steel or aluminum. However, the lighter weight of the truck rack saves you more fuel and delivery fee. 

6. Safety

Height limitation and Drive Blind Spots Be aware of the height limitation of your warehouse, garage or the loading dock.  Also, install the blind spots detector to avoid driving accidents while the truck is fully loaded.

7. Easy Installation

Install Machinic Equipment & Skills
When you purchase the truck rack, you also need to consider the time and cost of the installation.
The well-designed truck racks will be easy to install and mounted steadily on your vehicles.

8. Product Price & Warranty

Strake the price value balance
 Consider the warranty coverage and time! WVE provides the most competitive compatible price and professional service. Shop on WVE is the best choice!

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