Working out of your van, probably one of the most important things you can do is install the proper components to keep the interior of your van organized. And if you’ve already installed basic shelving systems, you’ve made a good start. Now it’s time to go to Work Van Equipment and see what other components they have to customize your storage space.

At Work Van Equipment, they have everything you need to keep your tools and hardware organized in your van. If you have tiny components, there are variety of shelf bin organizers to choose from that can be used to keep these small parts from rolling around and getting lost. There are also steel drawer cabinets that can be slipped into place on the shelves. These can be used to hold tools and small items, and because they have drawers that close, are especially good for keeping things out of view.

Another addition to your shelving is a door kit. This is useful for stowing away larger items on the shelves that either might fall off, or that you want to remain hidden from view.

Work Van Equipment carries a full line of customizable storage options to organize your work van. No matter what you need to keep in place, there is a component designed to help you out.

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