While browsing our website, you may have noticed that we offer products in both steel and aluminum.  So, how do you know which is a better choice?  Let’s go over some pros and cons for both, starting with aluminum:

Pros: Aluminum is mostly liked for its light weight and resistance to corrosion.  It does not need to be treated to avoid oxidization and deterioration.  It is also more malleable than steel.  Under extreme pressure and heat, aluminum is less likely to crack and break.

Cons: Because of its malleability, aluminum is more likely to dent.  It is also typically more expensive than steel.

We carry several items in aluminum on our website, including shelves, dividers, partition bulkheads, an adjustable ladder rack, and other accessories.  Now, for steel:

Pros: Steel is less likely to warp or bend with a large weight capacity or while under extreme heat.  It is also generally cheaper than its aluminum counterparts.

Cons: Without treatment, steel is likely to oxidize and corrode over time, especially when exposed to extreme weather and UV radiation.

Fortunately, all of our exterior steel products are treated with a zinc primer and marine-grade powder coat, and all interior steel products are treated with a polyester texture powder coat in matte gray.

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