Our new back and knee braces by Bracoo are among the first safety equipment on our website. Our vision with adding safety gear to the products we carry is to help keep our customers safe while they're on the job.

Many of our customers need to load and unload heavy materials from job site to job site. Some locations may require you to stand for long periods of time or bend and move your back in ways that could cause permanent injury.
Bracoo's BP60 Back Brace gives your back the support it needs without getting in the way. It's mesh fabric is light and breathable, and the Velcro straps to tighten the brace to your comfort are made with micro-hooks that won't scratch your skin or cause any accidental damage to your clothing.

The back brace allows you to be flexible but still provides lumbar support and stability with 8" metal splints.

For our customers who need to climb in and out of their vans and trucks all day or for contractors who need to kneel down often, Bracoo's KB30 Knee Brace helps prevent twisting, overexertion, and over-extension that can cause long-lasting injuries.

The knee brace has a silicone gel ring that fits snugly around the knee cap to dampen vibration and minimize patella travel. Removable quad-spring stabilizers help to keep the knee from bending too far or overextending, which helps alleviate the risk of sprains, strains, and tears in the knee.

These braces act as a great preventative tool, but they also help alleviate the discomfort from existing injuries.

Keep an eye on our safety products category to see more as we add more options to the website, and if you have any suggestions for products to carry, our customer service team would be happy to hear from you!
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