These are trying times for many people around the world, and there is a lot of new information being released every day. We can't call ourselves experts in epidemiology, so we encourage all of our customers to follow CDC and WHO guidelines to keep yourselves protected. A lot of the tips may seem redundant, especially coming from every retail shop and restaurant you've ever given your email address or permission for push notifications and we didn't want to intrude into anyone's mailboxes or smartphones, so we figure a blog post is the way to go!

For your day-to-day jobs, the way we see it is the more people and surfaces you come into contact with, the higher your risk of coming into contact with coronavirus. Here are some tips to keep in mind while in the field to minimize that risk:

  • Social Distancing: Maintain a safe distance from customers and colleagues.
  • Tidy Up: Minimize the amount of materials in your vehicle: this will reduce the number of surfaces the virus can cling to.
  • Disinfect: Periodically disinfect your vehicle, including your door handles, dash, shelves, ladders, etc. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach on any leather in the interior. Use disposable gloves if possible.
  • Wash Your Hands Keep a small hand sanitizer in your glove compartment, and wash your hands with antibacterial soap often.

We appreciate your essential work during this time, and hope you all stay safe and in good health.

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