Introducing the CUB blind spot detection system, the blind spot detectors are available for both trucks and vans. WVE is launching the aftermarket blind-spot detection systems to increase your transportation and driving safety. All the fathers and tradespeople out there, we are all getting ready to work.

Product Strength

  • DOT Approved

  • Easy to install

  • Factory appearance

  • ASTM D4329 tested for years of durability in the sun

  • ISO 17387 Type 3 system standards¬†


Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

  • BSD is automatically activated when the vehicle exceeds 15 MPH

  • The warning zone of the system covers left and right adjacent lanes with over 75 ft range

  • Detects an impact of less than 2 seconds

Lane Change Alert (LCA)

  • An audible tone will be heard and the warning indicator lamp with the corresponding turn signal will flash when a vehicle is within the warning zone or if there is a vehicle detected approaching at high speeds resulting in an impact¬† of less than 2 seconds during the lane change

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

  • RCTA is activated when the vehicle is placed in 'reverse'

  • Monitoring the rear cross traffic zones up to a 60 ft range

  • Detects an impact of approximately 2 seconds

Please check the links below to find the product that fits your vehicle model or call us at (800) 533-7722 for further information.


CUB DOT Approved Van Blind Spot Detector System, 



CUB Ford F-150 Blind Spot Detector 2015-2019,


CUB Chevy Silverado 1500 Blind Spot Detector,



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