When our customers are hauling cargo for their businesses, the security of their cargo and the safety of the driver and passenger should not be a worry.  That is why we provide all the equipment necessary to ensure your cargo cannot be damaged or stolen, and the driver and passenger cannot be injured by the cargo in the back.

The safety of our customers is very important to us at Work Van Equipment.  In the event of an accident, our bulkhead partitions protect the driver and passenger from any loose materials in the cargo hold of the van, such as 5 gallon drums and power tools.

We also recognize the importance of keeping our customers' cargo safe, both from damage and from theft.  Our bulkhead partitions have an additional function of keeping potential thieves away from your cargo in the even that they break into your vehicle.  Our partitions are designed with a contoured corner, which allows the seats in the cab to recline, but still prevents someone from reaching around the partition to unlock the cargo door from the cab.

Our partitions are easy to install, with multiple attachment points and a rubber door frame to prevent rattling.

We also offer window screens, cabinet lockers, and locking door kits to protect your cargo from potential thieves.  Our window screens are made from 7-gauge wire for both the frame and wire grid.  Just like our partitions, the window screens are very easy to install, and they come with self-threading screws.  Our cabinet locker is fully welded and comes with a heavy duty T-handle locking latch.  Door kits can be added to any 32", 42", or 52" shelving unit to secure valuable materials.

We also carry a Driver Data File to keep yours and your customers' information safe from identity thieves.

For help with securing your tools and materials, call our Customer Service Department at (800) 533-7722, and one of our representatives will help you customize your storage system to keep you and your cargo safe!

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