Drop Down Ladder Rack Benefits
Hello Work Van Enthusiasts,

Today we will be reviewing the benefits our sponsored Kargo Master drop down ladder rack system.

Defining the Easy Load Ladder Rack

Each type of van (Ford, GM, Nissan, Ram ProMaster, or Mercedes Benz Sprinter) may have a different ladder rack system. However, the core of the drop down arm system is very similar.

We will be highlighting the hydraulic arm system we use for our drop down ladder racks.

The ladder attaches to prongs on the drop down clamp & lock ladder rack system.

There is a heavy duty mechanism that lowers the prongs to a central position 4 ft above grade to help the loading and unloading of the ladder.

The prongs hold folded ladders up to 10 ft in length. If you wish to put a step ladder on the prong system, a specialized bracket would be required as the prongs are too far apart to properly clamp onto a smaller ladder.

Hydraulic arms assist the drop down motion of the ladder rack. This eases the drop down arms into position so that there is no extensive damage or wear from the arm's movements.

The rack is designed with rugged crossbows that hover inches over the van's roof to reduce the overall vehicle with added rack height and to protect the van's rain gutters from excessive wear from the weight of the rack.

Additionally the mounting feet of the rack is coated in specialized water resistant paint to protect the gutter hold region.

The whole rack and mechanism is zinc primed and powder coated for heavy duty rust resistance.

The drop down mechanism also comes with an easy to reach handle bar to easily secure and lock the ladder into place on top of the rack.

Depending on your van, the ladder rack can install using the existing factory drilled holes available on the top of the van or mounting to the rain gutters using gutter mounting feet.

Always purchase the right van rack for your van model. If you are confused on the right rack to purchase, simply give one of our work van equipment experts a call!



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In summary:
Tired of getting your ladder on and off your van? Tired of using a ladder to reach your ladder?

Thanks to Kargo Master EZ- low down ladder rack, loading and unloading a ladder has just become safer and easier than ever before. we have different model that prefect fit your working van.

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