Kargo Master shelving units are made with 16 to 18 gauge steel.  They are contoured to fit flush against van walls and are specifically designed to reduce noise and rattling.  The steel is powder coated, and the shelves are designed with a unique lance support technique to provide extra strength and durability to each shelf layer.  The unit’s contoured back also provides additional structural strength.

Each shelf has a 2” shelf lip.  The shelf can be installed with the lip facing upwards to prevent loose items from rolling out, or to lock plastic bins securely into place.  It can also be installed with the lip facing downwards to allow space to install a drawer cabinet.   Each shelf’s height can be adjusted, and an additional top shelf can be installed for more storage.  The EZ Adjustable Shelving Units are available in 6 different sizes, ranging from 26" wide by 46" tall to 52" wide by 60" tall.

If you would like to order some of our EZ Adjustable Shelves for your vehicle, or if you have any questions, feel free to call our Customer Service Representatives at (800) 533-7722.

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