Everyone in the healthcare industry is working hard and putting themselves at a higher risk to save lives and keep their friends, families, and communities safe.

We're waiving the freight charges for all orders going to anyone in the healthcare industry, including hospitals, clinics, mobile nurses, labs, etc.

To get the shipping fee waived, please call our customer service team or email us at [email protected]. We'll just ask for some sort of proof that you're in the healthcare industry, whether it's just verifying the address is a hospital, clinic, etc. or sending a picture or copy of your ID.

We've already donated our leftover inventory of N95 masks, however if you are a healthcare provider and in need of masks, please look into mask-match.com and getusppe.org to receive donations of masks and other PPE.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to protecting the American public.

Here are some words of encouragement from our staff here at WVE:

“Thank you for your service! You are the real MVP!”

- Chi

“We appreciate you! 

Thank you for your hard work and selfless dedication. 

As you stay there for us, we stay home for you, 

God bless you and know you are in my prayers.”


“Dear Heroes,

Thank you so much for what you do.  Words cannot describe how thankful I am for your efforts.  We will get through this crisis because of people like you.  Stay strong, be safe, and take care!"


“Huge thank you for all that you do!  Please stay safe and healthy!  We appreciate you!"



"We are so grateful for the sacrifices you make every day to treat and protect those around you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."


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