Holman Full Size Standard Roof Van Interior Partition - Perforated Panels
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Holman Full Size Standard Roof Van Interior Partition - Perforated Panels

On sale $419.40 $343.91
Part Number: /KM-40640
Availability: In Stock
  • Steel Gauge: 18
  • Seat Travel: Seat Can Move All the Way Back on Tracks and Recline 15 Degrees
  • Color: Powder Coated Gray
  • Hardware: Assembly and Mounting Hardware Included
  • Manufacturer: Kargo Master


Key Features:
  • Heavy duty 18 gauge steel hemmed panels
  • Comes with vehicle-specific wing kit to fit contours of van and maximize cabin space
  • Wing kit keeps thieves from being able to reach rear door handle from inside
  • Perforated panels assist with rear visibility while maintaining the security of a full partition
  • Door conversion kit (sold separately) provides rubber-cushioned door frame and air-tight high-compression door latch that allow for convenient access to the cargo area while eliminating annoying rattles


Holman's Partition Kit is one of the strongest partitions in the market that provides excellent security for an affordable price. These partitions protect the driver and passenger from dangerous projectiles in the event of an accident and keep the cargo safe from theft. The wing kit (differ according to vehicle chosen) makes the panels fit to the van's contour while maximizing cargo space and seat travel. With the partition installed, the seats can still move all the way to the back of the tracks and still recline 15 degrees.

*Partitions are required by law for company vehicles in some states*


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