Holman Hand Sanitation Station
*Soap, Sanitizer, and Towels not included*

Holman Hand Sanitation Station

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Part Number: KM-40116
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  • Case Dimensions: 15.5"L x 14.25 H x 7.25"W
  • Dimensions with Bottle, Spout, and Towels: 18.16" L x 14.25 H x 13.5 W
  • Hardware: Mounting Hardware Included

Key Features:

  • Includes a 2.5 gallon water tank, soap holder , hand sanitizer holder, towel holder, and a hook for a waste water capture bucket
  • Holds standard 6” diameter paper towel rolls, standard 8 gallon trash bags, and up to 3” diameter soap dispensers for easy restocking
  • Soap, sanitizer, paper towels, and bags are not included
  • Can be easily reconfigured for left, right, or narrow spaces
  • Mounts to shelf end panels, partitions, doors, or any flat vertical or horizontal mounting surface


This sanitation caddy holds everything you need to wash your hands while on the go. It includes holders for a water tank, soap, sanitizer, and towels, and also has a hook to hang a bucket for waste water below so it doesn't spill below. With COVID-19 changing the way many of us live and work, this sanitation station is a helpful solution for mobile workers and healthcare workers.

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