Holman Interior Ladder Rack
Holman Interior Ladder Rack

Holman Interior Ladder Rack

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Part Number: KM-40480
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Key Features:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Keeps ladder inside van and away from harsh weather and potential theft
  • No straps or tie downs required
  • Mounts to ceiling to maximize storage space in van
  • Typically recommended in taller vans for clearance purposes inside the cargo area
  • Description:

    Interior Ladder Rack allows the user to quickly and easily load step ladders into the van by simply pressing up against the bracket attached to the ceiling and latching the rung into place. Mounts to ceiling of all mid & full size vans and can carry ladders up to 8 ft. This keeps the ladder inside the van away from extreme weather and potential theft, but also keeps it off the floor to maximize storage space in the cargo area.

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