If you run a construction or service business, you know that it is strenuous work. The potential for injury increases with the equipment loading and unloading required at each job location. These jobs would be much easier and safer simply by adding a ladder rack to your work van.
Typically, ladders are either stored inside of the work van or secured to the roof. If a ladder is stored inside of the van, the overall space for other equipment and supplies is severely reduced. When a ladder is stored on the roof of a van, you have to step onto the tailgate and balance yourself as you release the locking mechanism. Then you must grasp the ladder, pull it down as you maintain your balance and attempt to step down from the tailgate. Finally, you must turn around and place the ladder on the ground. This method is obviously unsafe, but it can be easily remedied with a drop-down ladder rack.
Here at Work Van Equipment, we offer drop-down ladder racks that are durable, high quality, and a great price. Don’t wait for an accident to happen; install a drop-down ladder rack today!