Ask yourself:
1. What is the year, make, and model of your vehicle?
We offer a variety of work van equipment, all for different shapes and sizes of vehicles.  It is important to get equipment that is compatible with your specific van or truck to ensure the fit and functionality of the equipment.  We offer dimensions charts for most cargo vans on our website, but we do recommend taking your own measurements to get the most accurate numbers.

2. What is the job?
We offer equipment packages for different occupational fields, such as HVAC/Plumbing and Telecom/Electrical.  These packages are specifically geared towards what equipment each occupation frequently uses to get their job done.

3. Does the job require frequent use of a ladder?
We sell a variety of ladder racks, including our Drop Down Ladder Rack.  This product is very popular amongst customers that use ladders often and want to avoid the strain of lifting it above their vans throughout the day.

4. Do you handle a lot of documentation?
We sell equipment to store and organize documents and files, including a file holder that can be stored in the cab, a hanging file holder, and a standing binder rack.  These ensure that important documents are not lost amongst your tools and other materials.

5. Are you storing materials safely?
Without a storage system, clutter can often form and cause unsafe tripping and falling hazards.  We offer many options for organizing tools and materials as well as the proper hardware to keep them safe and secured to your vehicle.  We also provide steel and aluminum partitions which protect people in the cab from unsecured materials in the back in case of collision.  Partitions also provide the added benefit of protecting tools and materials in the back from potential theft.

6.Are you moving materials safely?
Continuous heavy lifting can cause strain on your back.  We sell an 8-in-1 Equipment Transporter that ensures you will get your tools and materials from Point A to Point B without strain.
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