Social distancing can be a challenge in an office, and the overhead costs can really add up. Working from your vans can help cut costs and stop the spread of COVID-19, all while creating a more convenient work day.

We offer van equipment that transition your work van from just a storage space for tools and materials to a full mobile office with a work space. Here are a few options you can add to your van to make the change:

  1. DESKS AND FILE STORAGE: Keeping your files and catalogs organized and stored off the floor is an immensely important step in creating as productive work space. We offer hanging file holders that mount on any flat surface as well as font console desks that lock away organized files and provide a writing surface in the van cab.
  2. INTERIOR LIGHTING: A well-lit workspace is imperative to getting the job done. We have LED light kits that magnetically adhere to steel shelves, back splashes, and/or the van's ceiling to light up your workspace and your storage space so tools and materials are easier to find.
  3. LAPTOP MOUNTS: While working form your van, you may find it difficult to comfortably work on your laptop for quoting, invoicing, and running dispatch software. A telescopic laptop mount is a convenient way to secure your laptop in a way that makes it easy and comfortable to use from your seat.
  4. SAFETY AND CLEANLINESS: Cleanliness is of utmost importance during the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of the easiest and most effective things we can do to help stop the spread is wash our hands often. Being on the road and driving from job site to job site doesn't always permit hand washing. Kargo Master's new Hand Sanitation Station brings everything you need to your mobile office, including a 2.5 gallon water tank and holders for soap, sanitizer or masks, paper towels, and trash bags. It also includes a hook to hold a waste water bucket below. Masks also play an important role in protecting your coworkers and clients from potential infection.
  5. WORKBENCHES: No workspace is complete without a surface to perform the work on. Van workbenches provide a workable space with a hardwood top. These are great for projects that can be completed off site like assembling materials or sorting the hardware and fittings you'll need for a job site.
There are tons of ways to customize your work van and tailor the storage and work space to your needs. You can select your vehicle from our drop down menu to start planning the layout of your work van and begin the transformation for a safer and more productive work space during the pandemic and beyond.
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