Ranger's new and improved Max Rack is now available for pre-order! These racks have a variety of features built in to them for a faster, safer, and more productive work day.

Technically speaking, a lot has changed since Max Rack 1.0:

Drop Down Ladder Racks have been in the market for decades, but what is it about them that makes them so ergonomic?
These racks reduce the risk of injury by preventing common dangerous actions like reaching and stretching while lifting heavy ladders. Dropping a ladder down is gravity assisted and only requires a 81 degree sweep angle. This drop the ladder down a full 50" for easy access with one single motion. The movement is assisted by a gas-powered shock so the weight of the ladder and rack will never move quickly and crash into the top or side of the van. An industry-exclusive positive lock also secures the rack in the closed position.

These racks maximize cargo capacity by freeing up valuable interior space. They also save time while loading and unloading. Both of these features together create a possibility for a more productive business.

These racks are available in both single and double side options for the following vehicles:
  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Nissan NV
  • Ram ProMaster
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