As the cold and rainy season arrives we know that as a working professional your tools are your livelihood and you want to protect them from the elements. How do you do that? You add a shell to your truck, but now you ask yourself are there any truck racks that will fit over this shell?  Kargo Master offers their Kargo Master Pro II Series Heavy Duty Truck Rack that will fit your needs.

The Kargo Master Pro II Series Heavy Duty Truck Racks are our most popular truck racks for trucks with a shell as they are one of the most heavy-duty racks on the market. They are built with 2" diameter round steel tubing that offers a 1,700 lb. loading capacity. The sleek round tube design significantly reduces wind drag and noise and creates a uniform load distribution that results in a sturdier rack. All Kargo Master truck racks are treated with zinc primer and marine grade powder coat to achieve excellent corrosion and UV resistance. We also offer taller legs for high rise shells. These extended camper shell legs (set of four) are longer than standard to provide extra clearance for high rise camper shells.

Some other features that the Kargo Master Pro II Series Heavy Duty Truck Rack has is that their unique front mount system protects the truck bed and stabilizes the rack. T Bolts are included to attach foot plates or full length tie down bed rails without drilling into the truck. Models available to custom fit full size or mini trucks with short or long beds, there are special wider/taller models for the Ford Super Duty. The Kargo Master Pro II Series Heavy Duty Truck Rack is available in standard and extended length. Extended length racks position front crossbar beyond windshield on extended cab trucks. Kargo Master also provides a useful 4th crossbar included at no cost and the truck rack is backed by a Nationwide lifetime frame guarantee.

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