JBC Revolution Series  DOT Approved 18
JBC Revolution Series DOT Approved 18' Cones with 1 Recessed Reflective Strip (Pack of 4)

JBC Revolution Series DOT Approved 18" Cones with 1 Recessed Reflective Strip (Pack of 4)

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  • Single Cone Dimensions: 10.5"w x 10.5"d x 18"h
  • Single Cone Weight: 5 lbs
  • Single Cone Base Weight: 3 lbs
  • These 18" Cones Are DOT Approved For: Roads At or Below 40mph
Key Features :
*Note: 18" Cone only has 1 Reflective Strip; the cone pictured in this infographic is a 28" Cone.*

A: Indented Handle
  • Easy to lift by hand
  • Allows users to easily attach caution tape, chain, or other accessories
B: Recessed Conical Area
  • Protects reflective tape from weather and wear & tear
  • Ensures a longer lasting life span
C: 3M 3340 Reflective and Prismatic Material
  • High impact resistance
  • High night time reflectivity over a wide range of angles
D: Premium Grade PVC Injection Molding
  • Durable and flexible
  • Able to fully self correct into original shape after being crushed
  • UV resistant, doesn't fade - only becomes a deeper orange throughout the years
E: Patented Interlocking Base
  • Base won't separate from the body, even under extreme duress such as being run over by a car
F: Recognizable Design
  • Nationally recognized and registered circle of orange dots around base of cone
  • Easy to differentiate between other cones
JBC's DOT Approved Revolution Series Cones are a uniquely designed favorite used by contractors, city workers, and even marathons. These cones don't fade under UV light, even after over a decade of exposure. The orange hue only gets deeper.
Their premium grade PVC injection molding paired with their patented interlocking base design makes these cones virtually indestructible and very difficult to knock over. Take a look at our video in the images section to see what happens to a JBC Revolution Series cone after it's been crushed by a semi truck.


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