Kargo Master Low Roof HVAC Bundle
Partition not included

Kargo Master Low Roof HVAC Bundle

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  • Hardware: Assembly and Mounting Hardware Included


Almost 100 Inches of van storage

Shelf Features:
  • Made with 16 and 18 gauge steel
  • Solid steel design with powder coat to protect from scratches
  • Lance supports in side panels and corner gussets provide extra strength and rigidity

3 Drawer Cabinet Features:
  • Includes 2 Drawers that are 2.5" Tall and 1 Drawer that is 5" Tall
  • Carton style drawer dividers included to separate small hardware in small drawers
  • Latches prevent drawers from opening during transit

Door Kit Features:
  • Protects valuable tools with a keyed lock
  • Rubber silencer eliminates rattling on bumpy roads
  • Keeps loose, top-heavy items contained

  • Cabinet Locker Features:
    • Fully welded, no assembly required
    • Provides extra security with a keyed lock
    • Includes 2 removable shelves

    Binder Rack Features:
    • Fully welded, no assembly required
    • Accommodates Kargo Master plastic bins
    • Convenient for holding binders, bins, or catalogs

    Long Drawer Unit Features:
    • Slides tools and materials out the side door, within reach of the curb
    • Keyed lock for each drawer
    • Each drawer has a 200 lb load capacity

    Some Drilling may be required to Mount Shelving to the Floor / Wall of the van.

    Kargo Master shelves are built using a unique lance support system that provides additional support. Shelf layers are adjustable and can be installed with shelf lip facing down to install any accessories or facing up to help keep items in place. The steel back panels provide added security for your items keeping them from falling into hard to reach spaces. The contoured top design helps to maximize your cargo space. Kargo Master Shelving Systems are one of the most durable shelving systems on the market using 16 and 18 gauge heavy-duty steel. Shelving units comes with all the necessary hardware to assemble and install and can easily be installed. Available in 32", 42", and 52" lengths, and numerous accessories are available to take advantage of your storage space.
    Compatible Vehicles: GMC Savana, Chevy Express, Ford Econoline, Ford Transit Low Roof, and Nissan NV Standard Roof


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