Kargo Master Shelf Bin Organizer (12 Bin)
Kargo Master Shelf Bin Organizer (12 Bin)

Kargo Master Shelf Bin Organizer (12 Bin)

Your Price: $246.43
Part Number: KM-48240

Features and Benefits:

  • *Note: Must be installed on side of shelf tray, cannot be installed in the middle
  • Includes 12x (5"w x 3.5"H) plastic bins
  • Includes 60 dividers for better organizing small parts
  • Includes 20" Wide shelf lip
  • Designed to tilt up and lock the bins from falling out
  • Custom and securely fitted for all Kargo Master Shelving Units.
  • 20" wide to fit next to a drawer cabinet (40070/40080/40090) to take advantage of extra space
  • Fits on both top level and lower level of Kargo Master Shelving Units.


Need more storage space for your loose and small items? These durable van shelving plastic bins fit securely atop all Kargo Master Van Shelving Units to create additional organized storage spaces that would've otherwise been wasted. Not only these small plastic bins can fill up the whole length of van shelving, it also comes with bin dividers that can spereate the bins into 6 parts giving you better organziation on all your parts. These plastic bins are custom fitted to stay securely in place to prevent any displacement even on a bumpy road. If you have a 42" Kargo Master van shelving, with a drawer cabinet and considering using bins, you may want to consider adding this organizer to have extra storage space for your loose parts.
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