Your work van is ideal for hauling your tools to a job site. Unlike a pickup, you can secure your belongings and know that you won’t lose any equipment while your van sits unsupervised in a parking lot. When you use your van to get you and your equipment everywhere, you need to have a way to transport your ladders to do your work.

With your van, you can’t just let your 15 ft. ladder stick out the back. Fortunately, there’s an easier solution. Work Van Equipment carries van ladder racks, which allow you to comfortably stow your ladder on the roof of your van. Not all ladder racks are created equal, however. Work Van Equipment has ladder racks that clamp securely to the rain gutter on your van, protecting your paint and eliminating the need to drill. These van roof racks resist corrosion with their protective marine paint coating, and fit on GM, Ford, and Dodge vans.

Turn your van into a workhorse with a ladder rack from Work Van Equipment. Don’t forget to organize the interior with cargo van shelving, as well. With all the options available from Work Van Equipment, you can carry anything you need in your van.

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