Compact Vans, such as Ford's Transit Connect, Nissan's NV200, and the Chevy City Express have all become increasingly popular with the on-the-go working professional.

But, a compact van is just as its name sake; compact. 

And, many craftsman and finding the limited cargo space a problem for default shelving solutions and products.

So, How do we maximize our Compact Van's Cargo Space Usage?

Use a Ladder Rack when storing or carrying ladders.

A ladder rack can open vital interior cargo space for the storage of more important equipment. 

Choosing the right ladder for your van is important. 

1. Always choose a stronger higher quality ladder rack that is rust resistant. Working vans exposed to moisture and constant wear while on the job; must be resilient enough to withstand rust and heavy duty abrasive use. 

Always ask if your rack is powder coasted and primed for heavy use / rust resistance.

Having a rust rack pull up to a job site looks highly unprofessional and sketchy!

2. Be sure to use and find the right rack system for your van.

There are differing types of racks for different needs.

 EZ lo-down ladder rack



An EZ lo-down ladder rack is a rack that has prongs that drop down the side of a van and allows the user to simply place the ladder on the prongs before pushing the ladder back up to the top of your van to meet brackets that secure the ladder in place.

This type of rack is useful for working professionals that consistently mount and dismount a ladder from work site to site. The drop down ladder makes retrieving the ladder for use much simpler and efficient.  

Clamp & Lock Ladder Rack

A Clamp & Lock Ladder Rack sits on top of your van and requires you to push the ladder on top of the van before locking the ladder in place. This rack system, like the drop down ladder rack, has a handle back in the back that enables the clamp system to clamp the ladder onto a bracket; securing it in place.

The sole different between the two ladder racks is the clamp & lock does not drop down to the side, so; a step ladder or arm strength must be used to hoist the ladder to the top of your van.

This rack system is good for professionals that only use their ladders infrequently.

Utility Van Rack 

This ladder rack is a 2-3 bar ladder rack. 

If you wish to attach a ladder to this rack, then you would have to tie/strap the ladder to the rack itself; there is no mechanism to do this for you. 

The utility van rack is mostly used to carry lighter & longer cargo items such as planks for construction or canoes and kayaks.

Additionally, if you are near the Southern (Downy CA) or Northern California (Sacramento) Region; Work Van equipment can offer you upfit services.

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