Ranger Design has listened to your concerns. They have introduced new accessories to make your life easier. Now you can maximize the carrying capacity in your van more than ever with new accessories for your ladder racks.

Roof Rack Rear Roller Bar (16-U0500)

Make loading and unloading your ladders easier with the new rear roller bar. This bar has a 240lbs weight capacity and is compatible with a wide variety of Ranger Design ladder racks. It is made of durable aluminum and is built to last.

- Compatibility: 1605- Cargo Rack Series, 1840- Max Rack Series, and 1870-Max Rack Series
- Rubber-padded feet
- Rear roller bar for easier loading and unloading
-Tiltable feet front / back
- Height adjustable feet

Ratchet Tie Down Straps (16-U0010)

Easily transport ladders and other cargo with these ratchet straps. These straps have a 360 lbs load limit and 1110 lbs break strength. They come in a set of two polyester straps and include all the necessary hardware to attach to your rack stops. They are also rated for outdoor use with UV-resistant plastics and stainless-steel details.

- Compatibility: 1605- Cargo Rack Series and 1506- Cargo+ Rack Series
- 1’’ wide straps
- Professional grade

Safe Clamp Ladder Clamping System (16-U1135)

Secure your ladder and prevent theft with these safe clamps. The safe clamps are faster to use than the straps and are perfect for users that may need to carry a ladder on their cargo rack. It has a weight capacity of 88lbs and a set of two can accommodate 1, 2, and 3 box ladders.

- Compatibility: Cargo+, Cargo Racks, and Access Stow
- Excellent corrosion resistance
- Easy and quick to install

Interested in getting these new items for your Ranger Design ladder rack? Check the links below to purchase now!

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