Ranger's new Fold-Away Shelves have some familiar features from their previous generation that were too good to take back to the drawing board. The units still fold up and down, depending on the size and shape of the haul so the user can maximize the storage space in the cargo area of the van or box truck.

There are some new features that take this new design up a notch. The corners include pinch guards to protect the user from injury during day-to-day operation. The previous version used to have cables to hold the shelf trays in place. Ranger's new design no longer requires these cables. The shelf trays lock into the up and down positions using gas shocks, without the use of any cables or extra brackets. Removing these cables was integral in creating a completely rattle-free design and eliminated the need to replace the cables after their warranty had expired.

Fold-Away Shelves are most popular among delivery and moving businesses. The shelf systems are equipped with a 250 lb loading capacity. This ensures the shelf space can be used to their maximum potential for fewer trips. Because the shelves can be folded up, the cargo space also has the potential to haul larger, bulkier boxes and materials like appliances and even pallets in larger vehicles.

These shelves are available on our website as individual pieces and as complete packages with pass-through partitions included for easy loading and unloading of deliveries.

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