Kargo Master has been releasing several new van ladder racks, and here is what they all have in common: They're aluminum.  These racks still use the same design the Kargo Master customers love: Pro III, Crossbar, Clamp and Lock, and Drop Down racks.  The only difference is the material.

So, what's the difference between aluminum and steel?

Aluminum is naturally rust resistant; it doesn't need any protective dips or powder coats on it to prevent corrosion.

Aluminum is also much lighter in weight than steel.

As you may have noticed, aluminum racks are more expensive than steel ones, but can be well worth the investment.

So, when is aluminum worth it?

Do you live in an area with a lot of rain or humidity?  Do you haul abrasive materials that are likely to saw through the powder coat with extended wear?  In circumstances like these, the natural rust resistance that aluminum provides could be very beneficial.

Is mileage always on your mind? Do you haul heavy materials that may threaten maxing out your max payload for your vehicle?  In this case, the light weight of an aluminum rack is more ideal than a heavier steel rack.

In order to help lessen the gap in price between steel and aluminum, all aluminum racks will be on sale for the Memorial Day Sale.

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