Winter Is Coming. Although it didn’t carry such connotation when it first became a national holiday, the end of the annual Labor Day weekend has since become synonymous to the wrapping up of summer as children return to school and adults to work. And as we will soon escape the tyranny of the summer heat, it will be wise to start preparing for the equally tough winter months, especially if you are in states not named California or Florida. For professionals whose livelihood depends heavily on their trucks to take them and their precious cargos and tools safely to job sites, having a camper shell (or cap, topper, canopy, however you wish to call one) is essential during the winter to keep the bed of your truck nice and dry, but it often gets in the way of carrying gears that extend beyond the length of your truck bed. The Kargo Master full-size camper shell ladder/lumber racks, both regular (PRO III) and heavy duty (PRO II), are designed to go around the sides of your camper, extend above the roof and over your cab. With their state-of-the-art no-drill, one-piece telescoping mounting mechanism, the racks clamp securely on both sides of the truck bed for better structural soundness, bolstering up to an industry-leading 1,500 pound loading capacity and backed by a lifetime frame warranty. All Kargo Master racks are pretreated with zinc primer and finished with marine-grade powder coat for maximum corrosion resistance, so weather is never an issue. Your camper protects your valuable tools and equipment, so protect it with an industry-best camper truck rack from Kargo Master. Don’t let rain or snow slow you down.
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