WVE's new magnetic hardware trays keep your hardware within reach and easy to find while on the job.
These trays are made with strong magnets and a flexible industrial plastic. This flexibility prevents the tray from cracking and deforming in the heat or cold.
Rubber backing on the magnet prevents the tray from scratching the surfaces it's magnetized to, even if it's dragged across the surface in a hurry.
These holders are lightweight and easy to carry around. They're available in two sizes: a single tray, and a double.
Each has one unique characteristic:

The single tray has a handle that makes it convenient to carry around.

And the double tray has a circle of slots on one side, perfect for staging screws, bolts, or even small drill bits to prep for a project.

The magnetism provides two benefits:
  1. Any magnetic metal will stick to it, so it can easily hold hardware, fittings, and even small hand tools.
  2. The tray itself can stick to any magnetic metal. This means you can access it on the side of a steel toolbox or workbench, on the wall panel inside or outside your work van, on the side of your truck bed, or even under the hood when you're stuck on the side of the road.

The bright green plastic makes it easy to spot. No more misplacing your socket halfway through a project.
Another upside to the plastic is you don't have to worry about rust.

These trays make your work day just a little more convenient and your work a little more productive for just a little bit of an investment.
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