Painting is a job that requires plenty of supplies. You don’t just need paint and rollers. You also need small brushes, clean up supplies, plastic to protect flooring and carpets, tape for the plastic, and even some tools to work with trip pieces and molding. When you head out to a painting job it’s important that you have your cargo van equipped to make your job quick and easy. The right supplies make any job go much smoother, and having an organized and efficient way to carry your supplies makes it even better.

Cargo van shelves offer plenty of space for organizing your supplies while a van ladder rack makes it convenient to transport your ladder or scaffolding. While it may be tempting to simply toss everything in the back of the van, all it takes is one paint spill to make you see the error in your ways. Invest in cargo van shelves to keep your work supplies organized and easy to find as well as to prevent unnecessary messes and spills.


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