Ranger Design has a unique sliding door partition available for full size vans that allows you to easily access your cargo area without climbing out of the vehicle.

This partition is most popular among our customers whom use their vans for delivery services along with Ranger's Fold-Away Shelving Systems.  The door features a tempered glass window, so you can keep an eye on your cargo.  Many of our customers also prefer some sort of window or perforation so the van cab doesn't feel as small.

The door latches both in the open and closed position to prevent it from sliding when you are driving or loading/unloading materials.

Their aluminum composition provides light weight durability and a clean, professional finish.  All Ranger partitions are crash tested to the European ECE-R17 Standard.  You can see a Ranger partition surviving one of their crash tests with 750 lbs of cargo on the shelves going 35mph here:


They're easy to install and come with all the hardware necessary to secure the bulkhead into your vehicle.

All sliding door partitions qualify for free shipping on our website.

If a sliding door partition is not the right option for you, try browsing other types of Ranger and Kargo Master partitions here.

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