While working, you may think that you need shelves and racks on the inside of your truck bed or van, but in fact there are many storage and hauling options designed for the outside of your vehicle as well. Van roof racks are handy for ladders and scaffolding equipment and the same is true for truck racks. Typically, these types of racks are on the roof of the vehicle or the side of the truck bed, but there are also truck bed shelves and ladder racks as well.

When using your vehicle for work it’s important to make sure that you take advantage of all available space in and out of the vehicle. Van roof racks make it possible for you to carry more equipment in one trip and have all of your tools and supplies on hand. Save time and money by having your work vehicle set up with all the shelves and racks you’ll need. At Work Van Equipment we are here to help you equip your vehicles appropriately for whatever your job may be. 


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