Here are some key features that these mounts have to offer:

  • Ram Mounts has a patented ball and socket design, which is perfect for shock absorption and vibration dampening. This helps keep your laptop in place while on the road.
  • The dual articulating swing arm makes adjustment easy and allows both the driver and passenger to comfortable access the mounted device.

  • The telescoping poles adjusts both the height (ranging from 12" to 18") and the angle of the laptop with just one knob.
  • The custom No-Drill mounting base offers the lowest profile in the industry and mounts directly to your existing seat rail hardware.
  • Adjustable retaining arms allow you to carry laptops with widths ranging from 10" to 16" and provide stability without blocking any important ports or drives while the device is mounted.
  • A Secure-N-Motion Kit is also available to secure your laptop into place with a keyed lock.

Ram Mounts has been manufacturing mounts since 1995. These mounts are perfect for contractors who need to access their laptops for dispatch info, contracts, invoices, and more. Our Ram Mounts currently all have free shipping! Click on your vehicle's model below to learn more.

Check out the easy installation process here:
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