Every contractor knows the dreaded realization that you left a part you need for a job back in your van. Whether it's your tape measure, utility knife, wrench, or gloves, going back to your van just as you're gaining momentum with a project can be a major set back.

Ranger's Partskeepers are a great way to stage the tools and materials you need before going to a job site to keep everything within reach. The compartments snap into place with plastic studs similar to Lego blocks. Because of these studs, you are able to remove a few compartments to make room for larger tools like hammers or drills and not have to worry about the other compartments moving around in the extra available space.

The Partskeeper cases are sturdy. They can be dropped with 20 lbs of tools in them without an issue. They can also be stacked on top of one another with side clips to hold them in place on a shelf or while on the go.

Ranger has recently designed all-new cabinets for their Partskeepers. These cabinets are made with the same materials and design as their steel shelving and include one or two shelf trays depending on the size. The new design no longer requires the hinge in front of the cases to hold them in place. Now, they have slightly slanted trays they slide onto to hold them in place with their own weight.

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