Our larger orders on WVE ship via freight on a pallet. Since many of our customers are end users whom don't have a lot of experience with receiving freight, we'd like to help provide some insight on a couple of easy ways to unload your shipment.

If you have tin snips or metal shears, you can easily cut the metal straps holding the pallet together.

If you don't have a tool that can cut through the metal straps, we recommend cutting the plastic wrap and shimmying boxes loose until the straps can be removed.

Pro tip: If you are receiving a freight shipment anywhere other than a commercial building with a dock or forklift, you may want to consider adding a lift gate service to your order to lower the pallet to the curb. Otherwise, this pallet unpacking process will have to be performed in the back of the freight truck. If a lift gate is not an option for you, let us know to request an appointment delivery for your order so you can gather some people to help with unloading.

Some freight delivery drivers help with unloading, but it is not guaranteed.
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