There are several jobs that require many tools to be carried around from job to job. Carpenters, for example, routinely transport table saws, miter saws, work tables, nail guns, drills, routers, planers, sanders, circular saws, track saws, compressors, grinders, air horses, extension cords, and that’s only the big stuff. The little things like the screws, nails, sand paper, glue, and many others really add up and take space when traveling between jobs. While many in the service industry utilize pickups for their transportation needs, the choice work vehicle should be the van.

There are an incredible amount of benefits to owning a work van. Vans have the benefit of interior shelving options that can be customized and adjusted to meet your specific work needs. This keeps your equipment out of sight to the public eye, dry during inclement weather, and organized at all times. Cords and hoses can be simply hung on the front wall and rear shelf side, so they will no longer be on the floor and in the way. Some vans even have flip-up side panels which allow you to easily access items on the shelves. has everything you need to fully outfit the interior of your work van, including van shelving units and accessories, window screens, long drawer storage, equipment transporters, and much more. Come to Work Van Equipment to see just how easy your life will be with a work van!