Hello Work Van and truck Enthusiasts, 

We will be reviewing the new items for the transit connect and various van storage system configuration differences between the new 2014 transit connect and the older 2013 or older version transit connects. We will include van shelving, van equipment, and other van accessories in our discussion.

One major difference is the wheel well region. The newer 2014 transit connects have a plastic covering that takes up the space above the wheel well. 

A 32" Shelving unit for 2013 or older model transit connects would fit over each wheel well. For the newer 2014 transit connect, we will have to install the 32" shelving unit in front of each wheel well. 

This effectively lowers the available interior width of the transit connect van. A method around this would be to use one of the shelving configurations below:

The picture above shows a full left wall configuration for a Transit Connect 2014 with Kargo Master van storage system setting. This configuration gives a clear three dimensional view on how each individual equipment occupies the entire van. This picture you can clearly see how the van shelving lines up against the wall behind the steel partition bulkhead, and still able to fit a 3-tier refrigerant tank rack at the back of the van. Fairly spacious for a compact size cargo van.    

This picture shows the setup depicted in the diagram. Notice how the 26" van shelving unit cover the left side door. Providing access from outside of the van. This is a big plus especially helps eliminate constant crawling into the van to access your tools and parts.

With the 32" van shelving unit sits in front of the wheel well, it can be easily accessed from rear van door. Larger tools can be stored here 

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