Having the right tools and equipment is a crucial part of the job as an HVAC technician. Organizing your work vehicle is just as important to maximize efficiency out on the field. Check out some of our tips below to help keep your truck or van running smoothly through different stages in your HVAC career.

The amount of storage in your vehicle may vary depending on your needs, but here are a few must haves that will make your job easier.

Ladder Racks 

 For those hard to reach places, you may need to carry one or more ladders. A good ladder rack will make transportation of all types of ladders easier while also saving space inside your van or truck. You can opt for a drop down ladder rack for easy loading or a clamp and lock that will keep your ladders secure. 


Depending on your state, a partition may be a necessity. In the event of a hard stop or an accident, a partition will keep you safe from any flying tools. It can also help control the climate in the cab keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. You can choose a partition with perforations for maximum ventilation, or a solid partition to deter theft.

Tank Racks

Safety comes first and securing your refrigerant and gas tanks is of utmost importance. Refrigerant tanks can be dangerous if they are not properly stored and transported. They can roll, slide, or fall in the cargo area, which can cause damage to the vehicle, the tanks, or the driver. A tank rack will ensure that your tanks are secure and are easily accessible when needed.


Tools are necessary at any jobsite and should be easily accessible.  Shelves will keep your tools off the van floor where they can become hazards and within reach. They also work to accommodate a variety of accessories so you can customize your shelving system to suite your specific business needs and preferences.

Drawers, Bins, and Dividers

All those small parts can get lost if not properly organized. Drawer cabinets and bins can help keep the smaller hardware in place and easier to grab. Dividers can help separate the bigger items, like tools, in your shelves.

Take a look at Zac’s video @QualityHVACR on YouTube to see our Ranger Design products in action.

Your HVAC van or truck is more than just a vehicle. It functions as a mobile office, storage space, and workshop. A well organized workspace increases your productivity and profitability while also offering a safer environment to work in. Work Van Equipment can help you get started. 

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