When it’s time to organize the inside of your van, you aren’t restricted to simple van shelves, stocked with cardboard boxes full of your equipment, tools, and supplies. You have a lot of options through Work Van Equipment to organize your equipment.

One thing that you may not have thought about to organize the inside of your work van is a driver data file box. If you use invoices, work orders, or other paper to track your jobs, you will find many uses for this. You can set up filing systems for your current jobs, as well as store any other essential papers, receipts, manuals, instruction booklets, and so on.

The driver data file box comes with rails designed for hanging file folders, and has a locking top to provide security for your paperwork. It is the right size to install neatly in between the driver and passenger seat, giving you a nice flat surface on which to write. If your van is your office, you need the driver data file box to help keep your paperwork organized. Find this and other organizational solutions for your work van at Work Van Equipment.

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