Work Truck Week, hosted by the NTEA, is the largest work truck event of the year. Those lucky enough to attend get the opportunity to see the latest products and technology catered specifically for work vehicles. Work Van Equipment took a trip to Indianapolis for Work Truck Week and got a chance to see all the great products coming this year. You won’t believe what the industry’s top brands have in store for you. Take a look at some of the highlights of this year’s event.

Electric Vehicles on the Rise

It is clear that EVs are here to stay and will play a prominent role in the working field. Manufacturers continue to release new EVs while improving their previously released models.

A big player at this year’s event was the Canoo. This work-ready van is 100% electric and made in America. It has already been picked up by Walmart to deliver online orders. This van was featured by Ranger Design and Holman at WTW with custom packages. More options are sure to be available to accommodate other EVs.

Ram also has two new vehicles to keep an eye out for, the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept and the EV Ram ProMaster. The Ram 1500 Revolution will have cutting edge technology to make your job easier than ever. With autonomous capabilities, capacitive controls, voice-activated commands, and biometric recognition, there is nothing you won’t be able to accomplish in your workday.

Mercedes is not one to be left behind. They unveiled the new Mercedes eSprinter. It is equipped with the familiar Sprinter features but comes with a battery-electric driving system. You can expect to use this van as a mobile workshop or a delivery with unique technology geared for a safer and more comfortable ride.

Upfitting is Getting an Upgrade

Holman has some new products coming up. Their Pro II racks are getting some updates and they have also debuted an easy to mount EV floor for the Ford E-Transit. This floor is easy to install and lightweight. It is available for all wheelbases and has aluminum extrusions that allow for mounting partitions, shelving and other Holman accessories. It is ready for purchase on the WVE website.

Ranger Design has a new Composite Aluminum Shelving coming later this year. These will be light yet strong to maximize your payload. Keep an eye out on our website when it becomes available. The steel shelving units got an upgrade with new reflective decals to increase the safety of workers at night and in darker environments.

With so many new products coming to the market there is something for everyone. Whether you are going green with an EV or sticking to reliable gas-powered work vans and trucks, there is an exciting year ahead.

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