Professional roofers usually have a work truck that takes them to their jobs and also does double duty as a traveling tool box and supply cart. Organization is key when it comes to making sure you have everything you need to do a roofing job and room to carry it all. Truck racks, shelving, and toolboxes are what you need. 

Truck racks make it easy to carry your ladders, scaffolding, and other large pieces of equipment for roofing while leaving the floor or bed of the truck free for your shingles, sheathing and roofing paper. Truck shelving systems can be installed inside a camper top work truck for tools, nails etc. There are even truck tool boxes which can be mounted in the bed of your truck to enable you to keep all your tools and tool belts safe and secure. A well-equipped work truck can make your job as a roofer efficient and organized.


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