Unauthorized Kargo Master Dealers on 3rd Party Marketplaces

Our customers have been bringing to our attention a lot of 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and CARiD selling Kargo Master products. We obviously want to keep our customers' business, but we would also like to look out for our customers and help protect their investments.
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Kargo Master Van Shelf Unboxing

Take a look and see exactly what you'll be receiving when you order a Kargo Master van shelf.

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Work Van Equipment Van Shelf LED Light Kit Demo

Our LED light kits are versatile and easy to use. Take a look at our demo highlighting some key features and demonstrating how the lights work.

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Mercedes Sprinter Work Van Virtual Walk Through

Take a walk through this 170" Wheelbase Sprinter High Roof with some Kargo Master equipment and WVE LED lights installed.

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Ranger's New and Improved Van Shelving

Ranger Design's new line of shelving still has the durability and quietness that Ranger is known for, with several improvements to keep your make your mobile business and the drive between job sites easier and more productive.
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Slide into Your Cargo Area with a Sliding Door Partition by Ranger Design

Ranger Design has a unique sliding door partition available for full size vans that allows you to easily access your cargo area without climbing out of the vehicle.

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New! Kargo Master Aluminum Racks

Kargo Master has been releasing several new van ladder racks, and here is what they all have in common: They're aluminum.  These racks still use the same design the Kargo Master customers love: Pro III, Crossbar, Clamp and Lock, and Drop Down racks.  The only difference is the material.
So, what's the difference between aluminum and steel?
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Outfit Your Van with a DECKED Van Drawer Storage System

While browsing the website, you may have noticed some changes recently.  We are constantly updating our website to make it as user friendly as possible.

We have also been adding new products to our site that we believe would be helpful to our customers.  Today's blog is going to go over some features of the new DECKED Drawer Systems for Vans. 

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