DECKED Service Body Truck Bed Storage System
DECKED Service Body Truck Bed Storage System

DECKED Service Body Truck Bed Storage System

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SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: 48" x 78" x 23" | 260 lbs

DECKED fits a wide range of service body applications varying in bed width from 48"-50" wide ONLY. Takes our standard length 75.25" long system. Depending on length of your service body bed you will have available space cabside for storing other items.

*NOTE: If you have an 8' or longer service body bed, this DECKED system will fit; however, the system is NOT 8' long. It takes a standard bed DECKED system that is 75.25" long. You will have remaining open space at the cabside end of your bed. A cross-over tool box or fuel transfer tank is commonly placed in this space.*

*NOTE: All DECKED systems are 12" tall—the same height as a normal service body tailgate. Make sure to secure loads on top of the deck with tie-down straps, implement other modifications or get a taller tailgate.*

  • Built from 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) co-molded to a galvanized recycled steel subframe
  • System payload rating: 2000 lbs evenly distributed on the deck
  • Drawer payload rating: 200 lbs per drawer
  • System weight: 220-230 lbs standard bed systems
  • Two full bed-length drawers. Note: Drawers do not fully extend. Max drawer extension: 48” for reasons related to physics
  • Drawers are weatherproof. System itself is impervious to moisture, extreme UV light exposure and severe temperatures
  • Oversized cast aluminum handles for ease of operation with gloves
  • Full line of accessories available to increase your level of awesome
  • The DECKED system is NOT compatible with any in-bed towing packages including 5th Wheel and Gooseneck packages
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