While browsing our website, you may have noticed the option to pay with Paypal Credit.

We've had the option for pay with Paypal for quite some time, but we thought it was a good idea to make our customers aware that there are also financing options available to them using Paypal Credit.

Many of our customers run their own small businesses, and when it comes to purchasing equipment, high-interest credit cards may get in the way of making the final decision to upfit their vans.

Paypal Credit has some special financing deals like no interest if a purchase of $99 or more is paid in full within 6 months (subject to credit approval). It's definitely easy to spend more than $99 on van and truck equipment, so we thought it appropriate to make sure our customers are aware of an easy way to save some money on their investment in their companies.

To clarify, Work Van Equipment is in no way affiliated with PayPal; we just want to help our customers out and make you all aware of an easy way to save some money and headache.

Happy savings!

Click Here to view the PayPal Credit Terms and Conditions.
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