While browsing the website, you may have noticed some changes recently.  We are constantly updating our website to make it as user friendly as possible.

We have also been adding new products to our site that we believe would be helpful to our customers.  Today's blog is going to go over some features of the new DECKED Drawer Systems for Vans.

We have been carrying DECKED Drawer Systems for Trucks for some time, and we wanted to expand the benefits of these storage systems to our customers with cargo vans as well.   These systems are an ergonomic solution to keep your tools and materials and waist height without having to climb into the back of your van.  These HDPE systems are built in the US to be weatherproof and impact-resistant, made with steel a steel subframe to provide a 2,000 lb. payload and 200 lb. weight capacity for each drawer.

These systems are easy to install, remove, and re-install using basic hand tools, and can be customized with accessories like dividers, locks, and drawers.  Ammo can storage boxes, a ruler with drill bit and diameter guides, and even a bottle opener are integrated into the design. 

While many people do install shelving and other equipment on these systems, neither Ranger nor Kargo Master shelving have been tested by the manufacturers with these van decks.  So, while we are confident our customers can, install equipment on DECKED systems, we cannot recommend it.  Obviously, because drilling would be involved in installing equipment on top of the systems, the warranties through DECKED and through the shelving/equipment manufacturer (Kargo Master or Ranger) would be voided.

These drawer systems will be featured in the Springs Savings Sale coming up next week with free shipping.  Make sure you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of any page on our website so you can stay in the loop about our sale and promo codes coming out soon!

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