Vans weren’t originally designed to haul a lot of heavy equipment on the roof. But, if that’s what you need to do, then check out the racks available at Work Van Equipment. They have the rack you need to attach to your van to allow you to haul large items on top of your van.

Work Van Equipment carries the PRO II van roof rack to attach to the top of your van. With its uniform load distribution and aerodynamic form, the PRO II will fit all kinds of vans. The design of the rack allows you to evenly distribute your load, so that you can carry up to 1700 lbs., without worrying about the rack.

PRO II racks come with a zinc primer and marine grade powder coat, so they can stand up to the elements without rust or sun damage. The PRO II rack is built to last for many years, and will allow you to haul ladders and equipment with ease.

For ladder racks, van shelves, and other accessories, see the selection available online at Work Van Equipment.

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