Vehicles are going electric with Tesla taking the lead in the market. Nissan follows at a distant second place, followed by Chevrolet and then Ford. This may change soon as more electric vehicles are being offered. Work vehicles are also getting a greener update. New EV Vans and EV Trucks are making their debut soon with a variety of options already available. Take a look at a few updated vehicles taking the market by storm.

  • Ford E-Transit EV Cargo Van Starting at $46,295, this electric work van comes in three roof heights (low, medium, and high) as well as three lengths (regular, long and extended). The center console has been redesigned to provide more space to move around and now includes a rotary shifter and an e-brake right on the instrument panel. The battery is located underneath the body of the van to maximize space throughout. You can also charge your tools right inside using the Pro Power OnBoard that provides 2.4kW of power. This cargo van is perfect for electricians, HVAC technicians, and many other tradesmen.
  • Amazon Rivian EDV: While the Rivian EDV is not available for purchase to the public, it is estimated to cost over $50,000. With up to 700 cubic feet of cargo space, the EDVs (Electric Delivery Vans) are designed for more efficient delivery. It has an estimated 200-mile range on a full charge. This van also offers technology that provides heated seats and a windshield capable of defrosting when weather conditions are snowy. Extra cameras offer an advanced view so drivers can be well aware of their surroundings. These electric vans are built for delivery services around the city.
  • Ford F-150 Lightning Pro EV Truck: The price for this truck starts at $39,974. It has an estimated 230-mile range when fully charged and has 4x4 capability thanks to the dual in-board motors. It has a targeted 563 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque with the extended range battery. You can plug in your tools to any of the 11 outlets and charge utilizing the Pro Power OnBoard that delivers 9.6kW of power. It is built tough with military-grade aluminum alloy body, and metal skid plates to protect the battery and motors below. This truck works for great for a landscaper who wants practicality and functionality in a vehicle.
    • Chevy Silverado EV Truck: This truck is estimated to start at $39,900 and will be available Summer 2024. Offered exclusively in the Crew Cab models, the Silverado EV features a range of 8,000 to 20,000 towing capabilities. It has the ability to offer up to 10 outlets using the PowerBase charging system and delivers 10.2kW of electric power. There is also a hands-free start that allows you to start the truck automatically after entering the truck. Once on the road, there are 14 different camera views, Super Cruise and 4-wheel steer for an easy ride. This truck can be for work and for fun. It has the space to carry items necessary for a tradesman during the week as well as the capability to go off-roading on the weekend.
    Transitioning to electric vehicles is becoming easier and easier. There are many great options on the market and more on the way. There is sure to be an option for your trade if going electric is in your future. Work Van Equipment will be ready to upfit your vehicle when this time comes. We are working with our trusted brands to get EV compatible truck and van equipment. Holman and Ranger Design have already started working on EV flooring. It is only a matter of time before van shelving, ladder racks, van partitions and other accessories are available.
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